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How To Give Up Refined Sugar for 14 Days?

How To Give Up Refined Sugar for 14 Days?

In this post, we tell you how to give up refined sugar for 14 Days. Simple – you take the #HiHoneyByeSugar Challenge. Here’s a day-wise breakdown of how you can achieve the feat using a box of 30-single serving Honey Twigs.

Day 1: Post a photo officially accepting the #HiHoneyByeSugar Challenge.

Accepted the challenge? Why be afraid to share? Use the hashtag: #HiHoneyByeSugar and tell the world you’ve decided to move on!

Day 2: Snap a picture of your food/drink cuz YOLO.

Go ahead and photograph your plate full of health. We’re not judging. In fact, we’re jealous.

Picture Courtesy: Vaidehi Ruparel

Day 3: Time for Level 2​.​ Twig​gle up!

Wohoo! Starting it off is half the battle won! You’ve been sugar free for two full days​, That doesn’t make you less sweet though.

Time to have some fun, take a picture that you think goes best with #HiHoneyByeSugar and post it either on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. And hey – please don’t forget to tag us. 🙂

Source: Honey Twigs

Day 4: Share your food fix with Honey ​Twigs!

Flaunt your masterchef skills and share how you ran with Honey Twigs in the kitchen. (Psst. stay away from them fats, soldier.)

Day 5: There’s a new trend in town – the #Twigfie

Take a twig and click a selfie with it. That’s why we call it a #Twigfie.

Source: Honey Twigs Instagram

Day 6: The better you feel, the quicker you heal.

Is your sweet tooth craving slowly going away? Tell us about it. We’re there to motivate you. Remember – no guts, no glory.

Day 7: Twigs, Twigs, how many Twigs, do you use?

One or two or three, tell us your number and make sure you plan your 14 days!

Source: Honey Twigs

Day 8: Eight is great.

​Level 2 is a thing of the past. Go ahead, showcase your achievement and yeah! Don’t forget to tag us and use #HiHoneyByeSugar

Day 9: Fruitstagram – Goodstagram

Warning! Too many fruits with honey causes health 😉 Snap your favourite fruits you like to gobble on with honey twigs today. Here’s one photo from us.

Source: Honey Twigs

Day 10: Where are you taking your twigs today? #HoneyOnTheGo

​Do you carry your Twigs to work? Or to gym? Click a photograph of how you’re taking your #HoneyOnTheGo.

Source: Honey Twigs

Day 11: Break it down.

Have a break. Not a Kit Kat. Don’t break momentum on the way to Healthy Lifestyle. Hey, have you tried pouring some honey over salad full of green leafy vegetables? Try it, it’s incredible.

Day 12: The ‘I Miss You Diary’

Twelve glorious sugar-free days. OK, make a list of all the food you gave up on these 12 days. And give yourself a pat in the back. You’re steamrolling this one!

Day 13: You replaced sugar with honey. And what else?

It’s time for the straight out truth. What did eat to deal with your sweet tooth?

Day 14: Last day of the challenge! How do you feel?

And the last day beckons. You proved your physical and mental might by giving up Refined Sugar and replacing it with Honey. Now, it’s time to tell the story. So just one question – how do you feel? Tell us everything.

BONUS: Here’s a 14-day timetable made exclusively by Team Honey Twigs to keep you going through the challenge. Go ahead, say #HiHoneyByeSugar.

Copyright: Honey Twigs

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