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Suraeya Kothawala

Natural Litchi Honey 240gms


Amazing products with great quality. Love the concept of healthy and flavoured Honey.

Aakanksha Jaiswal

Absolutely impressed with the super prompt delivery. And nice packaging too! Love the choices you have and hope you add more! 🙂


It’s a great healthy alternative to Sugar. So for everyone who has never tried this before, I would say, go for it.


Really awesome product. Tempting flavours.

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Pick your healthy companion – trust us, we won’t be messy!


 A wholesome idea about honey

Honey comprises mostly of the natural sugars – glucose and fructose from the nectar of the flowers and has 18-20% moisture content with trace amounts of Vitamins, Enzymes, Antioxidants, etc.

Besides the above mentioned natural sugars, we do not add any external form of sugar to our Honey, that is our guarantee!

Natural Litchi honey is a monofloral variety of honey – meaning – the bees during the bloom of litchi flowers, feed on the nectar of the flower and then convert it into honey. This is milder in flavour and sweeter than the regular or multifloral honey. We do not add any flavour or extract to the same.

Our Litchi honey is collected from the lush litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur (Bihar in Eastern India) – known for its “”Shahi Litchi”” (Royal litchi). “mentioned natural sugars, we do not add any external form of sugar to our Honey, that is our guarantee!

Honey Twigs is a teaspoon of pure, unadulterated honey available in single serves that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Honey should be best stored in a cool & dry place and away from direct sunlight. Please do not leave the honey container open for too long. There is no need to refrigerate honey. Over time, the honey will change – it may become darker, or the flavors may shift. This is natural.

This is the most popular myth related to honey. Honey is a super saturated sugar solution with almost 80% sugars (in the form of Fructose and Glucose) and only 18-19% Moisture. There are 2 main reasons for crystallization of honey –

a. Higher amount of Glucose in honey than fructose – Being a natural product, we do not have any control over the concentration of these 2 sugars in the honey. Fructose being the water soluble sugar floats on the top and Glucose being heavier forms into crystals.

b. Change in the temperature of storage of honey – A change in the temperature of honey can lead to breaking of the sugar bonds in honey and leading to rapid crystallization. eg. Honey harvested in the colder months from the Northern region of India is more susceptible to crystallization when stored in parts of the country where it’s comparatively warmer and vice versa. Whatever the reason may be, crystallization of honey does not in any way ascertain that the honey has spoiled or is mixed with sugar. It can be liquified by dipping the Twig in warm water (about 40˚C) for 15 – 20 mins

One twig is equal to a teaspoon of honey (8gms).

Each batch of our honey is tested in international standard labs for purity and adulteration. We are proud to say that it is 100% pure.

Vegans avoid eating animal and insect products, including the bees. This is the reason they avoid honey in their diet.