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Honey and Food – A Healthy and Tasty Combination

Want to cut down on sugar in your drinks? Why not try using honey instead?

You will find artificial sweeteners in the market that can be a replacement for sugar but adding natural sweeteners like honey will not only boost your immunity but also enhance any beverage a great deal. 

Right from green tea to lemonades, you have it all! Let’s look at 5 such recipes with honey that have health benefits.

1. Golden Milk

Golden milk is a drink made with turmeric, honey, and hot milk (you can also use nut milk of your choice for an even healthier option). 

While this drink mainly involves only turmeric and hot milk, honey can be an add-on for those who prefer having their milk sweet. Additionally, honey helps in mellowing down the strong turmeric flavor. All you have to do is, boil all the ingredients together till the milk starts simmering and then strain it into a mug.

Golden Milk

“Golden Milk”

2. Smoothies

If you prefer cold drinks, healthy smoothies are a great choice! Using ingredients like almond milk, yogurt and cinnamon really enhances the flavor of honey in smoothies. 

It is essential to choose your ingredients carefully while making a smoothie in order to have a healthy yet filling concoction of flavors. Honey can be a great alternative for sugar here.


3. Tea

Honey is an ideal complement to green tea. Instead of adding sugar, you can add honey to your tea. This combination works well irrespective of whether you add milk to your tea or like it black. 

Honey especially goes well with herbal teas. We recommend you experiment with different flavors of Honey Twigs in your herbal teas. In our opinion, Cinnamon-infused honey twigs work the best with herbal tea.



4. Homemade lemonade

Lemonade often contains a good amount of sugar and in some cases, in a higher quantity than lemon juice. But if you are making this drink at home, you can choose a healthier option like raw honey to substitute sugar. 

You can also add more lemon juice so the flavor stands out. All you do is heat the lemonade so that the honey easily dissolves in it. You can mix it well and refrigerate it before consumption.

Homemade lemonade

“Homemade lemonade”

5. Hot chocolate

Ever imagined adding honey to hot chocolate? Yes, you read that right. This is possible if you use natural hot cacao instead of the hot chocolate pre-mixes which already contain sugar. 

For this drink, you need to make sure the cocoa is at least 75%. The higher the content of cocoa, the more beneficial it is for your health. And since it is bitter, honey is a perfect sweetener to balance it out while bringing out the best outcomes.

“Hot chocolate”

Which of the above beverages are you going to try? We look forward to hearing your sweet stories in the comments below. 

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