Sustainability is the way forward

We pledge towards a sustainable future, now and forever.

Ethical Beekeeping

All our products are ethically sourced. This means that our honey is made through responsible and sustainable methods. For instance, we take only 60% of the honey produced and leave the remaining 40% for the bees.

Additionally, we help educate the local beekeepers on ethical beekeeping practices.

100% Traceable

We ensure 100% traceability of all our products. This means that you can know all our processes in detail – from raw materials to production to distribution to consumption.

This way you can build trust with our products that ensure safety and quality at its best.

Plastic Neutral

Our Twigs are packed in food-grade plastic. As a company to reduce our plastic footprint, we have signed up with an ethical waste management company that collects the same amount of plastic from the environment that we have generated during the packaging of our Twigs and dispose of it ethically by recycling or repurposing the waste.


We map and quantify the amount of plastic we use for packing our Twigs.


We endeavor to constantly reduce our plastic footprint while keeping our product quality always in check.


We collect back and sustainably dispose of post-consumer plastic from our environment.

Plastic Neutral

We are certified as a 100% plastic neutral organization by one of the leading waste management agencies in the sector.